Importance of Public Health

Public health is the science of protecting the health and safety of human health through preventing and diagnosing the diseases which may affect the people. Public health improves the health of the people through organized efforts and use of better choice from the private organization and society. Unlike the medical and traditional way of treating illness public health deals with the promotion of wellness and the prevention of diseases. Public health officers focus on the society and the community instead of treating the individual patient.


Deals with the issues that affect the community

Public health creates awareness on the issues that affect the health of the individuals and the society for now and the generations to come. The role played by the public health in ensuring that the lives of the communities are improved and prevention of diseases cannot be overlooked. The society ability to enjoy live makes a huge impact on them and the community through public health.


Protecting the health of the people


Public health is concerned with the health of the people and the entire population by promoting their wellbeing. Public health officers are concerned with the betterment of the people’s life by diagnosing the diseases which may affect the society and preventing them from the injuries which may affect the community. (Read our article on how you can remove mould from clothes.)


Limits the health disparities


Public health is highly involved in the preventing the disease which may affect the people and therefore health disparities are reduced and he highly communicable diseases are highly reduced .the public health officers does their best to ensure all diseases are prevented at early stages in children and this prevents future problems. Health disparities are vaccinated and where necessary immunization is done.


Promotes the lives of the people


When people have good health, their lives are promoted as there is a healthy workforce in the community and this improves their living standards. The community can know which health hazards they face in their daily lives .the community lives are promoted by the safe environment which is enhanced by the public health which ensures it’s free from any form of infection which may affect the public.


Enhance environmental health.


Public health officers enhance the legislation which is related to the public health and this ensures that people live in a clean and non-contaminated environment which may affect the people’s health. The environment is well-taken care by the health officers by ensuring people do not dump the waste in the areas which are likely to cause health problems. They ensure that there are good drainage and sewage system which cannot cause any harm to the people’s livelihood.


Diagnose and prevent diseases


Public health comes up with measures and creates awareness among the public which educates the people on the benefits of a good environment. The public health is actively involved in diagnosing the health problems which may affect the people and this enables the community to be healthy. The health problems which are diagnosed are prevented and the correct measures are taken. Public healths do the prevention through the informed decision from the society.